Go-Ops | March 2017


Resale Shop Volunteers: We are looking for volunteers to work in our downtown League City resale shop, located adjacent to League Park at 202 N. Park Avenue. Our shop is open Wed-Sat 11:00am – 3:00pm, with two shifts 11-1 and 1-3.

Client Care teams: Individuals interested in conducting interviews and building and continuing relationships with clients.

Decorating Team: People who like to decorate are welcome to join our decorating team.

Moving Team: Pick-up donations, or deliver furniture to clients. Must be able to lift heavy furniture, sometimes up/down three flights. Having a truck and/or trailer is a bonus.

Small Groups can help by:
-delivering furniture, etc. to a client
-packing/picking up large donations (trucks/trailers are helpful)
-sorting donations at our resale shop
-adopting a client family during the holidays. Gifts, food, etc.
-gardening-maintaining our outside areas

These opportunities are on an as-needed basis. We will place your info on our email list and send out requests for help when needed.

Contact Person: Kelly Krueger
Email: krueger729@gmail.com
Phone Number: (713) 828-5632


Build a House
Come out and walk to build a house! The annual Women Build 5k walk/run is April 1, 2017. All of the money raised goes directly to the building of a home. You can walk as a team, a small group, a family or on your own. This is a fun event at Walter Hall Park. We will have vendors, food trucks and more. The cost is $35.00 per walker.

You can register at http://www.bahfh.org/our-initiatives/women-build

The Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Restore needs your donations! The Restore accepts furniture, appliances, household goods, anything you want to donate! They will pick up donations as well. If you remodel your home, the Restore can take cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, etc. To call for pick-up, call 281.332.1118 or visit http://www.bahfh.org/restore. You and your small group can also volunteer in the store to help customers and stock shelves.

Contact Person: Erin boyd
Email: erinboyd73@yahoo.com
Phone Number: (281) 615-5134


Movie Night and Volunteer Orientation:
Be The Light is hosting our quarterly education event on Thursday, March 23 from 7 – 8:30pm in Room 202 of the Egret Bay auditorium building. We will show the documentary, Chosen, and discuss strategies used to lure children into sex trafficking, as well as how adults and students can prevent our CCCC kids from becoming victims. This movie and discussion will be appropriate for ages 12 and up. At the end, anyone interested in volunteering with Be The Light can stay for a brief orientation into all of the various opportunities and sign up to get involved. Please RSVP for this event at http://bit.ly/2lhzReD.

Contact Person: Charlene Bohanon
Email: bethelight@clearcreek.org
Phone Number: (828) 216-4443

Adopt a Dorm:
Youth for Christ at Seabrook Youth Detention center needs Small Groups to adopt a dorm of either boys or girls and just have fun with them. This will be held on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of each month starting at 3:30 p.m. This can be an outdoor event for games/football or in the gym for basketball/or arts & crafts. Depending on your activity, it could also take place in the main building or the dorm suites. There are currently 24 girls and the event can be for all of them or for a smaller event with 8 girls from one of the dorms. There are approximately 60-80 boys at the center that NEED men to walk alongside them. Type of event and number or participates can be discussed with the facility coordinator. They are open to most any event that would be good for these troubled kids.

Contact Person: Tanya McAllister
Email: bethelight@clearcreek.org
Phone Number: (832) 771-4549


The Galveston County Food Bank continually receives food product donations that need to be sorted before sending to the social service agencies that subsequently distribute food to those in need in Galveston County. Consequently, there are small group and individual volunteer opportunities in the dry sort room on Saturday mornings (9 AM to 12 noon) and weekdays (8am to 4pm). Volunteers between the ages of 12 to 17 can help if accompanied by a supervisor or guardian. Groups of 10 to 12 are optimal. The Food Bank is a warehouse environment, we ask that volunteers wear closed-toed shoes, avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry, and not wear fanny packs or camera cases.

In addition to sorting donated food items, The Galveston County Food Bank is looking for Program Outreach Volunteers and Mobile Food Distributors. Please be on the lookout: there are several special events in the coming months that will need volunteers!

The Galveston County Food Bank is in need of volunteers for their Senior Homebound Box Creation program. Each month, 300 senior shut-in boxes are created in the warehouse by volunteer groups. The effort takes about two hours. Groups of 10 to 15 volunteers are optimal. The Food Bank is a warehouse environment, we ask that volunteers wear closed-toed shoes, avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry, and not wear fanny packs or camera cases. Additionally, individuals are needed to deliver food boxes to homebound seniors and persons with disabilities once a month. Individuals must have a valid ID, proof of insurance, and reliable transportation.

There are also several individual volunteer opportunities, including administration-related functions. Specific projects will vary based on the Galveston County Food Bank’s organizational need at the time of inquiry.

Contact Person: Starr Argyrakis
Email: starr.argyrakis@gmail.com
Phone Number: (281) 658-6132


Every Saturday morning starting at 8 am, the Galveston Street Ministry offers time of praise & worship, a brief message, and a call to accept Jesus along with a hot breakfast and medical care to needy people at the corner of 20th and Winnie on the Strand in Galveston. Everyone comes expecting food, prayer and an encouraging message from the Lord. There are many serving opportunities available so everyone can find some way to minister to the 100-200 people served each Saturday morning. Serving can include walking with individuals in the food lines, passing out drinks to those waiting in line for food or medical services, or visiting and praying with the people who show up. There are opportunities for individuals or small groups to support the attendees by collecting and distributing clothes, bibles, or food.

Contact Person: Jon & Alex Newport
Email: jonathan.newport@houstonfirst.com
Phone Number: (832) 840-7245


Volunteer videographers / photographers needed to come teach / work with the youth on a project that they are working on during this spring. This will help them with their summer camp costs.

Do you love construction and demolition? G.U.M. is currently renovating a few properties in the North Broadway neighborhood and we’re looking for people to lead or be part of a construction team. Projects will range from drywall and painting to building walls!

Contact Person: Josh Dorrell
Email: Volunteer@galvestonurbanministries.org
Phone Number: (409) 497-2460


Kit Collection
The March kit collection date is March 25th from 10am to 12 pm at 946 W 17th Street near The Heights area of Houston. If you are unable to deliver your own kit please contact the Go Advocate to drop kits off locally by March 24th. The kits in most need currently are Child Kits, Cleaning Kits, and Kitchen 1 kits. Kit lists can be found at http://www.houstonwelcomesrefugees.com/welcome-kit-list

Moving Day
If your small group is interested in assisting a refugee family on move in day or volunteer to help process kits on a collection day please contact the Go Advocate for dates and information.

Contact Person: Kate Somers
Email: refugee@somersbunch.com
Phone Number: (281) 748-5622


LCM has a community garden at KE Little Elementary. We have work days twice a month and groups and families are always welcome! Future garden workdays are March 25, April 8, and April 22.

Contact Person: Dolores Westerlund
Email: doloreswe@comcast.net
Phone Number: (281) 339-3033

LCM’s Annual Fundraiser is Saturday, April 29th. We are in need of several adult volunteers to help with set-up/tear-down and running several aspects during the event.

Contact Person: Erika Steele
Email: erika@lighthousecm.org
Phone Number: (281) 339-3033


Come and serve the 4B area by donating birthday party items to make a memorable and special day for children currently living in homeless shelters. The Program serves 100 children a month at the Bridge Over Troubled Water, Boys and Girls Harbor and the Kidz Harbor! We use the same neutral theme for all our girl/boy parties per month and use solid color paper products! We would be ecstatic if you or your small group could donate ANY of these items monthly:

Party paper products: solid color cups, napkins, plates, utensils, table clothes
Party supplies and Crafts: candles, balloons, helium, Birthday cards, wrapping paper, party favors, glue sticks, stickers, beads etc!
Birthday in a Box: is a complete birthday package (all items listed above) for party of 8 children
Children’s gifts: We spend $30 towards the child’s gift!

March and April needs:
Friday March 24th- Looking for Volunteers to serve 6pm-8/830pm

Saturday April 8th- Looking for volunteers to serve at Bunny Hop. Items also needed for hop include: card stock, grab bags, popcorn and soda.

Please contact Christi for ANY questions and further details on needs.

Contact Person: Christi Keeler
Email: christikeeler@gmail.com
Phone Number: (832) 425-0218


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