Go-Ops | May 2017


Resale Shop Volunteers: We need small groups to help sort donations and gardening/maintaining the outside areas of our resale shop. We are also looking for volunteers to work in our downtown League City resale shop, located adjacent to League Park at 202 N. Park Avenue. Our shop is open Wed-Sat 11:00am – 3:00pm, with two shifts 11-1 and 1-3. We welcome small group members to serve together, however, we usually only need 2 volunteers per shift. Training is required, so this service opportunity is not suited to one-time serves

Client Cleaning Gift Baskets: We like to give our clients some cleaning products to get started. We place these items in a small laundry basket to present to them. Items to include: All-purpose cleaner, sponges, gloves, dish soap, hand soap, toilet cleaner and brush, paper towel roll, small package of toilet paper, tissue boxes. You may drop off the basket(s) at our Resale Shop.

Client Care teams: Individuals interested in conducting interviews; building and continuing relationships with clients.

Decorating Team: Individuals or small group members who like to decorate are welcome to join our decorating team for client move-ins.

Moving Team: (Individuals or small group members) Must be able to lift heavy furniture, sometimes up/down three flights. Having a truck and/or trailer is a bonus, but not required.

Ministry Adoption: Due to the nature of our ministry, we understand that not all members of a small group may be available to serve on short notice on one given day. However, if your group is interested in “adopting” A Peaceful Place ministry, we hope that over time all members would get the chance to serve with us as their schedules allows.

These opportunities are on an as-needed basis. We will place the Go Catalyst’s info on our email list and send out requests for help when needed.

Contact Person: Kelly Krueger
Email: krueger729@gmail.com
Phone Number: (713) 828-5632


Anchor Point needs items for Mommy Bags. They give these to every mother who comes into the center. Here are examples of what these contain: Bath & body works lotion, hand sanitizer, or body spray, pretty or cute journals, cute pens or scrapbooking markers, Mani/pedi set, Chocolate & other luxury snacks. We can also use small gift bags and tissue paper to put these items in. Just keep in mind that our girls are young but usually not homeless so please no hairbrushes, q-tips, shampoo, tampons, etc.

Anchor Point is also in need of godly men to help mentor dads through their All-Star Dads program.

Contact Person: Sarah Lungaro
Email: sarah@anchorpoint.us
Phone Number: (832) 632-1221

BE THE LIGHT-Anti-Human Sex Trafficking 

Adopt a Dorm:  Harris County Youth Detention Center in Seabrook needs Small Groups to adopt a dorm of either boys or girls to build relationships by engaging in fun activities.  This will be held on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of each month starting at 3:30 p.m.  This can be an outdoor event for games/football or in the gym for basketball or arts & crafts.  According to your event it could also take place in the main building or the dorm suites. There are currently 24 girls and the event can be for all of them or for a smaller event with 8 girls from one of the dorms. There are approximately 60-80 boys at the center that NEED men to walk alongside them.  Type of event and number or participates can be discussed with the facility coordinator.  They are open to most any event that would be good for these troubled kids.

Tutors are also needed for the Harris County Youth Detention Center in Seabrook.


Contact Person: Karissa Jones
Email: bethelight@clearcreek.org
Phone Number: (281) 736-0586


Restaurants gift cards: Often in relational opportunities, to meet with single mom’s, we would like to pick up the tab at lunch, so gift cards to local restaurants (Jason’s Deli, Chic-fil-A, etc) are appreciated.

Books: We provide books for our reading mentor program, so gift cards to Amazon or Half price book stores would help greatly!

Board Games: When the children work hard they are rewarded with game time. This provides a work ethic & choices =consequences. Games needed are; Candyland, connect four, or gift cards for purchasing at Walmart or Amazon.

Web Design: Our last need is web design to get Caring Counts established.

Contact Person: Chanda McKinney
Email: chanda@mentoringcounts.com

CASA of Galveston County

We are having our CASA for CASA’s Playhouse Drawing on May 13th at the ReStore (1101 Nasa Pkwy Webster, TX). We are seeking Volunteers who may be interested in providing entertainment (band and/or singing). Volunteers would need to be there by 10:45 and the drawing is at 12:00 pm. Please let me know if there is any interest.

Contact Person: Pamela Berry-Richardson
Email: Pamela@casagalveston.org


The Center for Pregnancy is looking for individuals or small groups that would be interested in participating in one of our favorite events of the year- Celebrate Moms! Around Mother’s Day, we plan an event to celebrate, pamper and love the moms in our program. We provide food, crafts, activities, pedicures, spa treatments, gift bags and much more. The event will be held on May 20th, please contact us if you are interested in participating!

Contact Person: Jenna Kraft
Email: jennaruth17@gmail.com
Phone Number:  (832) 573-8929


We need 4-6 people that are willing to help unload bins of collected baby items from the Baby Shower on May 14. We will leave the church after the last service starts around 12:15. The items will be delivered to the High Point storage units on 646 and 517. If you are interested in helping please contact Vikki

Contact Person: Vikki Blanco
Email: vikkco@hotmail.com
Phone Number: call or
 text to (409) 739-7690 


SPECIAL EVENT: Yaga’s Wild Game Cook-Off (benefiting Yaga’s Children’s Fund which includes Galveston County Food Bank) will take place May 12 – 13 at Pier 21 in Galveston. Volunteers are needed to sample and judge food to help determine the winners.

KIDZ PACZ: Galveston County Food Bank ensures that children receive healthy meals year-round. For many children, the only meals they eat each day are provided at school. During the school year, Backpack Buddies provides these children with packs full of nutritious food that they can take home to make sure they do not go hungry on the weekend. When school lets out for the summer, the Food Bank makes sure that children are still able to receive nutritious, kid-friendly food through its Kidz Pacz program. If your small group is interested in helping provide nourishment to children facing food insecurity this summer, there are weekday opportunities to build Kidz Pacz at the Food Bank. Groups of 10 or 20 are optimal. The bags are filled with kid-friendly food that are distributed on Fridays throughout the summer.

SENIOR HOMEBOUND BOX CREATION AND HOMEBOUND DELIVERY PROGRAM: The Galveston County Food Bank is in need of volunteers for their Senior Homebound Box Creation program. Each month, 300 senior shut-in boxes are created in the warehouse by volunteer groups. The effort takes about two hours. Groups of 10 to 15 volunteers are optimal. The Food Bank is a warehouse environment, we ask that volunteers wear closed-toed shoes, avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry, and not wear fanny packs or camera cases. Additionally, individuals are needed to deliver food boxes to homebound seniors and persons with disabilities once a month. Individuals must have a valid ID, proof of insurance, and reliable transportation.

SORTING DONATIONS: The Galveston County Food Bank continually receives food product donations that need to be sorted before sending to the social service agencies that subsequently distribute food to those in need in Galveston County. Consequently, there are small group and individual volunteer opportunities in the dry sort room on Saturday mornings (9 AM to 12 noon) and weekdays (8am to 4pm). Volunteers between the ages of 12 to 17 can help if accompanied by a supervisor or guardian. Groups of 10 to 12 are optimal. The Food Bank is a warehouse environment, we ask that volunteers wear closed-toed shoes, avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry, and not wear fanny packs or camera cases.

There are also several individual volunteer opportunities, including administration-related functions. Specific projects will vary based on the Galveston County Food Bank’s organizational need at the time of inquiry.

Contact Person: Starr Argyrakis
Email: starr.argyrakis@gmail.com
Phone Number: (281) 658-6132


Good Neighbors is in need of small groups to serve along side us in the community at Rancho del Rey. Come be the hands and feet of Christ with us. First and third Saturdays from 10:30 to noon, we deliver groceries, clothing, household goods, breakfast, the Gospel and friendship to under resourced families right here in our back yard. We share coffee, juice, pastries, children’s ministry and prayer time with our neighbors who may be struggling outside the margin. For more information, or to sign your group up for a serve day, contact Renée Lafont.

Contact Person: Renee Lafont
Email: reneelafont@gmail.com
Phone Number: (281) 549-9584


The Mercy Tree has the following dates (Saturdays) reserved for CCCC groups that would like to volunteer for the first time: Jun 17, Jul 15, Aug 19,and Sep 16. These dates can only be signed up for with Richard Guidetti, who has them reserved.
Also, groups may want to provide needed items which can be found at the Mercy Tree .org website under the Donate tab, Other Donations. Or, groups might consider organizing a fundraiser of some sort.

Contact Person: Richard Guidetti
Email: rguidetti@att.net
Phone Number: (832) 465-8834


Community garden: Lighthouse Christian Ministries is looking for individuals or small groups to help work in our new Community Garden. LCM partnered with KE Little Elementary to develop a community garden to help provide fresh produce for our food ministries. We usually have two workdays a month & one is Saturday, May 27th at 8am. We can always use more helpful hands. For more information, please contact Tammy.

Resale Shop:  “Lighthouse Christian Ministries is looking for individuals who want to volunteer regularly in our resale shop. This is a 2-4 hour commitment, once a week. If you have a servant’s heart & enjoy working with the public – we would love to meet with you. If you are interested, please contact Tammy for more information.”

Contact Person: Tammy Eckart
Email: tammy@lighthousecm.org
Phone Number: (281) 339-3033


Come and serve the 4B area by donating birthday party items to make a memorable and special day for children currently living in homeless shelters. The Program serves 100 children a month at the Bridge Over Troubled Water, Boys and Girls Harbor and the Kidz Harbor! We use the same neutral theme for all our girl/boy parties per month and use solid color paper products!

We would be ecstatic if you or your small group could donate ANY of these items monthly: Solid colored party paper products, utensils, candles, balloons, helium, birthday cards, wrapping paper, party favors, and craft supplies! Please contact Christi for a more detailed list!

Birthday in a Box: is a complete birthday package (all items listed above) for party of 8 children

Children’s gifts: We spend $30 towards the child’s gift!

May needs:
Saturday April 6th- Garage Sale: TBJP is accepting donations for their fundraiser garage sale. There is also opportunity to help work it.

As always, help with birthday parties at the shelters

Please contact Christi for ANY questions and further details on needs.

Contact Person: Christi Keeler
Email: christikeeler@gmail.com
Phone Number: (832) 425-0218


Mentors: There is an on-going need for mentors to walk alongside teens who have been released from juvenile detention in our local communities. The goal is to develop a steady and trustworthy relationship that can present new perspectives, advocacy, and gospel truths to at-risk teens. The commitment is a minimum of 1 year, with weekly contact. Background check and training required and provided.

Art Assistants: Youth for Christ is in need of Art assistants to help with the Texas City Detention Center Art Program. The individual must apply for volunteer status at the Detention Center and complete a background check. Time requirement is 1-4 Saturdays / month for 2 hours, not including travel time.

Gardening Opportunity: Volunteers needed to come to the Texas City Detention Center to plant a garden with the teens. Perfect for a couple or small group (no more than 5 adults) with a heart for gardening. Applicants would have to complete the background check. We are thinking about a 2-3 hour window on a weekend.

Contact Person: Kelly Norcross
Email: kellynorcross@gmail.com
Phone Number: (832) 221-3513