Go-Ops | June 2017


Resale Shop Volunteers: We need small groups to help sort donations and gardening/maintaining the outside areas of our resale shop. We are also looking for volunteers to work in our downtown League City resale shop, located adjacent to League Park at 202 N. Park Avenue. Our shop is open Wed-Sat 11:00am – 3:00pm, with two shifts 11-1 and 1-3. We welcome small group members to serve together, however, we usually only need 2 volunteers per shift. Training is required, so this service opportunity is not suited to one-time serves

Client Cleaning Gift Baskets: We like to give our clients some cleaning products to get started. We place these items in a small laundry basket to present to them. Items to include: All-purpose cleaner, sponges, gloves, dish soap, hand soap, toilet cleaner and brush, paper towel roll, small package of toilet paper, tissue boxes. You may drop off the basket(s) at our Resale Shop.

Client Care teams: Individuals interested in conducting interviews; building and continuing relationships with clients.

Decorating Team: Individuals or small group members who like to decorate are welcome to join our decorating team for client move-ins.

Moving Team: (Individuals or small group members) Must be able to lift heavy furniture, sometimes up/down three flights. Having a truck and/or trailer is a bonus, but not required.

Ministry Adoption: Due to the nature of our ministry, we understand that not all members of a small group may be available to serve on short notice on one given day. However, if your group is interested in “adopting” A Peaceful Place ministry, we hope that over time all members would get the chance to serve with us as their schedules allows.

These opportunities are on an as-needed basis. We will place the Go Catalyst’s info on our email list and send out requests for help when needed.

Contact Person: Kelly Krueger
Email: krueger729@gmail.com
Phone Number: (713) 828-5632


Anchor Point is in immediate need of organizational help for all of the donations we received from the baby drive- can be small group or individual

We also need help filling the following positions:
Client advocates
Spiritual advocates
Thursday evening ultrasound assistant (does not need to have a medical background)
Male mentors
Community liaison
Boutique beautifier (maybe someone with retail experience)
Camp buddies for our Pathway to Hope Kid’s camp (June 17th-21st)
Event Coordinators for the Celebrating Hope gala Sept. 7th

Contact Person: Sarah Lungaro
Email: sarah@anchorpoint.us
Number: (832) 882-5889


BUILDING HOMES- Bay Area Habitat for Humanity is building homes in LaPorte and Texas City (and soon to be Galveston)! If you would like to help a homeowner build their home (they spend 300 hours helping other volunteers), please join us in building communities and showing God’s love with our hands and feet. No experience or special skill is required, and we will provide any tools needed.

RESTORE- The Bay Area Habitat for Humanity Restore needs your donations! The Restore accepts furniture, appliances, household goods, anything you want to donate! They will pick up donations as well. If you remodel your home, the Restore can take cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, etc. To call for pick-up, call 281.332.1118 or visit http://www.bahfh.org/restore. You and your small group can also volunteer in the store to help customers and stock shelves. This is a great way to get out of the summer heat!

Contact Person: Erin Boyd
Email: erinboyd73@yahoo.com
Phone Number: (281) 615-5134


FOOD DRIVE – Sat. June 24th from 9am – 9pm (sign up for a 2.5-hour shift) KID FRIENDLY
BATP will be collecting food donations from local Kroger storefronts all day, Sat. June 24th. Sign up to serve as a group or individual. Kids are welcome! Volunteers will be passing out flyers and collecting food to load up the food trucks. This annual event will help to provide the emergency women’s shelter with non perishable food for the entire year!! They are in need of approximately 75 volunteers this year.

SERVE A MEAL- Any day of the week at 5pm @ the BATP Shelter located in Webster. **Kids must be 14 years old to participate**
This is a great opportunity to serve within the shelter in an extremely impactful way. Plan to feed about 35 adults and 35 children any given day (we can get the exact headcounts for you). You pick the day that works best for your group! 4-8 people is a good group size as the facility is small.

Contact Person: Gina Holstien
Email: theholstiens@gmail.com
Phone Number: (281) 841-4037


Caring Counts partners w/ elementary schools for high risk children and mentoring opportunities to meet w/ fatherless children. We also wrap our arms around those that are raising high risk children such as teachers, single mom’s & grandparents.
Our needs:
1)gift cards to half price book store, amazon, or Walmart
2)men willing to mentor 1 on 1. 4 hours/month
3)visa gift cards
4)any financial contributions for summer go-ops such as fishing trips
5)apple computer

Contact Person: Chanda Mckinney
Email: chanda@mentoringcounts.com
Phone Number (832) 414-1881


This summer is a great time to get involved with the Food Pantry. The Food Pantry is open every Monday and Thursday morning from 8-11. Come on out and help serve a hot meal or pass out groceries to those in need!

Contact Person: Kari Wilson
Email: kariwilson0331@gmail.com
Phone Number: (713) 906-8558


Every Saturday morning starting at 8 am, the Galveston Street Ministry offers time of praise & worship, a brief message, and a call to accept Jesus along with a hot breakfast and medical care to needy people at the corner of 20th and Winnie on the Strand in Galveston. Everyone comes expecting food, prayer and an encouraging message from the Lord. There are many serving opportunities available so everyone can find some way to minister to the 100-200 people served every Saturday morning. Serving can include walking with individuals in the food lines, passing out drinks to those waiting in line for food or medical services, or visiting and praying with the people who show up. There are opportunities for individuals or small groups to support the attendees by collecting and distributing clothes, bibles, or food.

Contact Person: Jon & Alexandra Newport
Email: a.lily.newport@gmail.com
Phone Number: (713) 553-5460


Beginning the first Saturday in June, Good Neighbors will provide Summer Kid Pax to the community at Rancho Del Rey. In addition to our minstry team’s regular Grocery Delivery, we are looking for Small Groups to adopt a Saturday serve day (1st/3rd Saturdays from 10:30 to noon) to provide non-perishable breakfast, lunch and snacks for the kids in our community. Many of our kids normally receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch during the school year. During the summer months their families may experience even more food insecurity than during the school year. We want to help eliminate that insecurity by supporting their children’s nutritional needs during the summer. Please consider supporting one of our Saturdays by bringing the following items: Instant Oatmeal, Boxed Cereal, Peanut Butter, Jelly, canned Tuna, Loaf Bread, Granola Bars, Canned Soup, Spaghetti O’s or Raviolis, Cookies, Hand fruit (oranges, bananas, apples) for approximately 30 kids to last two weeks.

Contact Person: Renee Lafont
Email: reneelafont@gmail.com
Phone Number: (281) 549-9584


Houston Welcomes Refugees is taking the summer off from their regular monthly collection days to reorganize and inventory their current supplies in their new facility. Collection days will resume in August. You are still welcome to collect kits and get them to Kate Somers, she will store and deliver them in the fall.

GIFT CARDS- Also HWR is always in need of store gift cards in increments of $50 or less to Fiesta, HEB and Walmart.

HWR has T-shirts now!! We all know how much Creekers love t-shirts!! Shipping is free and you can order one at https://www.houstonwelcomesrefugees.com/new-products/

The money from the shirt sales goes to help offset the cost of The Grove Project that is the renovation of the storage space at The Grove.

Contact Person: Kate Somers
Email: refugee@somersbunch.com
Phone Number: (281) 748-5622


Mobile Food Distributions – GREAT family or group activity – 2nd Tuesday of the month (06/13, 07/11, 08/8) at the Spillway Park in San Leon, TX. Arrive at 8:30 for prayer and instruction, typically lasts until about 10:30-11am.

Contact Person: Tammy Eckart
Email: tammy@lighthousecm.org
Phone Number: (281) 339-3033

KIDZ DAYZ- a summer day camp for children in our community, volunteers needed July 5-7, July 17-21, and July 24-28 from 8:30-12:30 at Bayshore Friends Church.

Contact Person: Shar Owens
Email: shar@lighthousecm.org
Phone Number: (281) 339-3033


The mission of The Bridge is to offer support, provide safety and prevent domestic and sexual violence. With a full service live in shelter for 100 women and children there is ongoing need in a variety of ways for the shelter located in Pasadena.

MEALS or GAME NIGHT- If your small group is interested in connecting one on one with families, opportunities to serve with your entire group (men and women) include either providing meals for either lunch or dinner for 100 residents, either prepared on site or brought in, OR game or craft nights between 6:30-8:00pm during the week.

SHELTER ASSISTANCE-  is needed which can be completed as a one day project or become ongoing service projects. This includes assistance in cleaning, organizing, administrative assistance, washing and/or painting and landscaping.

DONATIONS-  The Bridge can also be supported through giving of donations both for use at the facility and for women transitioning out of the shelter into their own apartments.

Donations needed on an on going basis for the shelter include:
Fresh fruit , Coffee creamer, Kitchen Spices: Tony Chacheres & kitchen Bouquet, Bleach, Trash bags, Shower curtains, Twin size sheets, Pillow cases, Laundry soap, Latex gloves, Female sanitary napkins, Sponges, Mop heads, Women’s slippers, Blow up mattresses,
Toddler cups with straw and locking lid

Donations needed as women transition into apartments include:
Living room furniture, Beds and bedding, Kitchen dishes and silverware, Pots and pans, Home decor, Microwaves, Lamps, Rugs, Small kitchen tables, Linens & towels

FURNITURE DONATIONS/DELIVERY- Assistance is also needed to pick up furniture donations and/or to deliver when families move into their apartments.

Contact Person: Cristina Womack
Email: womackcristina@gmail.com
Phone Number: (281) 785-0098


June 5 – 30: The Food of the Bar Food and Fund Drive Challenge is going on. Assistance is needed for various projects dealing with this event.

June 12: The Food Bank is looking for 2-3 volunteers to assist with nutritional training and activities with 40-50 (students 5th- 6th grader tour, modified sort, nutritional class, and activities)

June 14: The Food Bank is looking for 2-3 volunteers to assist with nutritional training and activities with 40-50 (students k-4th grader tour, nutritional class, and activities)

There are also several individual volunteer opportunities, including administration-related functions. Specific projects will vary based on the Galveston County Food Bank’s organizational need at the time of inquiry.

The Galveston County Food Bank is in need of volunteers for their Senior Homebound Box Creation program. Each month, 300 senior shut-in boxes are created in the warehouse by volunteer groups. The effort takes about two hours. Groups of 10 to 15 volunteers are optimal. The Food Bank is a warehouse environment, we ask that volunteers wear closed-toed shoes, avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry, and not wear fanny packs or camera cases. Additionally, individuals are needed to deliver food boxes to homebound seniors and persons with disabilities once a month. Individuals must have a valid ID, proof of insurance, and reliable transportation.

SORTING DONATIONS: The Galveston County Food Bank continually receives food product donations that need to be sorted before sending to the social service agencies that subsequently distribute food to those in need in Galveston County. Consequently, there are small group and individual volunteer opportunities in the dry sort room on Saturday mornings (9 AM to 12 noon) and weekdays (8am to 4pm). Volunteers between the ages of 12 to 17 can help if accompanied by a supervisor or guardian. Groups of 10 to 12 are optimal. The Food Bank is a warehouse environment, we ask that volunteers wear closed-toed shoes, avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry, and not wear fanny packs or camera cases.

Contact Person: Starr Argyrakis
Email: starr.argyrakis@gmail.com
Phone Number: (281) 658-6132