Reflections from the Foster Family Christmas Party


by: Cameron Milton, foster dad

I looked around the Christmas party as kids were playing, adults were enjoying time to catch up, food was being served, everyone was laughing and having a good time, and I couldn’t help but feel a moment of deep sadness.  You see, this was a Christmas party for the foster families of a local foster agency.  This was a building full of children who have experienced such tragedy, most from right here in our own community.  These innocent kids who were laughing and playing, have had a life none should have to live.  And yet, here they were enjoying this moment.   Amid their difficult journey, they were able to find time for joy.

And there is also great beauty in that.  Here is a church community, wrapping their arms around a group of foster families, and for this night, they were shown love and support.  And that is what loving your neighbor really means.  The wonderful people serving may never know or understand how much that means for these families who have accepted such great challenge every day.

“There is no true gospel-centeredness that does not lead to mission,

because the gospel is the story of a God with a missionary heart.”

Trevin Wax

Being a foster parent is hard work, and we need a community of believers to walk with these families.  We always need more foster families, but it’s equally important to support the ones who are already there.  The state of Texas averages a 50% turnover rate for foster homes.  I can’t help but wonder how much lower that turnover rate would be if more churches stepped up in these ways.  How many children could we love and care for with that kind of support?  How many futures can we change with that kind action?

The foster crisis in our country isn’t one that the state or federal government can solve. It’s what we, the church, are called to do.  It’s what we must do!  We may have failed at this in some ways, but for this night, at this amazing church we showed bold love and lived a Christ-centered life as we cared for foster families from the community.

If you are interested to learn more about the Orphan Care Ministry at CCCC and how to support foster families, please attend the Every Child Initiative event on February 3. More details here